Providing the industry with competitive two-way physical markets for the past 30 years, CNT has forged a reputation as a leader in physical precious metals. Whether you’re new to the market or adding to your portfolio, our trading desk has customized options to help you achieve your goals.
CNT Depository, Inc sets itself apart by redefining the secured storage experience. By combining a highly-trained staff with the highest level of customer service, we anticipate and fulfill clients' needs, both large and small.
CNT Minting is designed to allow clients to grow their brand through the production of high quality minted products. By leveraging our metal holdings, production capabilities, storage, and distribution lines, CNT allows for brand development and growth without additional infrastructure.
Welcome to the commercial lending program of CNT Lending, Inc. (CNTL). A program designed to provide lending services to its customers for commercial purposes promptly, simply, and at reasonable rates.

CNT began as a small, family owned, precious metals business over 40 years ago. Now in its third generation of single family ownership, CNT has grown into the largest privately-owned company in the precious metals industry. In an effort to meet the ever-growing needs of our clients, we expanded into high value storage, focusing on precious metals and fine art, minting, and developed a precious metals lending program. It is the goal of CNT to provide exemplary service. We are committed to our family, our staff, our clients, and the industries we serve. Underlying this commitment are CNT’s core values: honesty, integrity, responsibility

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Mark L. Oliari, CEO/President