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As an authorized distributor for all major sovereign governmental mints, including the United States Mint, CNT provides our clients direct supply chain distribution to an extensive catalog of physical offerings. In combining all resources available, our trading division works in conjunction to provide honest, transparent investment packages in all market conditions.

Wholesale: Centered on inventory supply chain management, CNT moves with market conditions to have what you need in real-time. A fully hedged, 24-hour trading desk providing access to global markets integrated with on-site physical processing, CNT has the solutions to be the behind-the-scenes catalyst to help your business thrive.

Investment-grade: Specializing in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium, CNT creates aggressive two-way markets for products ranging from 1 gram to 1000 ounces. Covering both bars and coins in bullion and numismatic grade, CNT utilizes its full network of global partners to provide the most competitive pricing for your liquidation or acquisition needs.

Industrial: CNT understands the importance of stable and consistent supply for your industrial needs. Direct procurement from the largest mines in the world in combination with relationships from industry-leading refineries, CNT can provide direct feedstock and upgrading services for all your precious metals applications. Joined with our hedging and financing services, CNT can help remove market volatility allowing our clients assurance in their acquisition cost.


CNT offers its cliental a vast array of services to capitalize on market volatility. While others outsource, CNT’s continual reinvestment allows every phase of the transaction to be handled on-site creating streamlined process with maximum efficiencies.

  • Fully integrated trading desk making two-way spreads in global markets
  • Inventory hedging, consignments, and leasing options
  • Tailored financing options
  • On-site melting and sampling
  • Same day direct overnight shipments
  • Fully allocated storage solutions


Whether your front door is down the street or across the globe, CNT prides itself on delivering your investments safely and efficiently.

Drop Shipping: Our vaulting staff can customize white label shipping services direct to end recipients. Ranging from custom tubes and boxes to additional marketing inserts, our team has innovative solutions to create a tailored experience for your customers.

Global Solutions: In partnership with industry transportation leaders, CNT can securely deliver goods to all reaches across the globe. Our on-site logistics department streamlines the management of orders of all sizes providing 100% fully insured deliveries in the quickest of turn rates.

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